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September 23, 2015

Three Bedroom Unit Vacancy at Canadian Hispanic Village Housing Co-operative

The Canadian Hispanic Village Housing Co-operative is now accepting applications for 3 Bedroom units. For more information or to apply please contact Paola Martinez via email at


February 17, 2015

Congratulations to Sunnyside Housing Co-operative on becoming a certified 2020 co-op!!

July.31, 2014

SACHA's Flood Relief Fundraiser was a Success

SACHA's campaign to raise funds for the 2013 Flood Relief was a success, our goal was to raise $75,000.00 and the end total amount raised
was $77,89.01!

We are now beginning to distribute the funds which will aid with repair and restoration of the housing co-operatives that were effected.
A big thank you, again, goes out to all of those who contributed to SACHA's fundraising campaign.

So far, $20,000.00 has been allocated and the disbursement of these funds will be ongoing for some time to come. Sunnyhill and Hi-Wood Meadows co-operatives have been awaiting the spring thaw to determine what the funds will be used towards.

Please visit SACHA's Flood Relief page, as well as our Facebook page, for regular updates on the allocation of the Flood Relief Fund and the effected co-operatives' restoration progress.

If you are interested in contributing to SACHA's Flood 2013 Relief Fund please visit our Flood Relief Page for more information.

June.24, 2014

One Year Later: An Update from Sunnyhill Housing Co-operative

"Well, we made it through a very stressful and anxiety-producing anniversary,and we did NOT flood again!

And just before the anniversary, we managed to complete the rebuild of the inside damage from the flood. We're awaiting word from the Cooperators about a payout for the exterior work (decks and sheds) and will soon embark on that project. We also discovered late in the game that about 90% of exterior doors, front and back, will need to be replaced as they have wooden cores. That work has been approved and just awaits the actual completion.
One year, 41 flooded units of 66 total, and a great deal of frustration with contractors...but we are so grateful that we had insurance coverage, and the incredible social and financial support of other cooperatives (through the coordination and caring of SACHA) that will allow us to do some work on the landscaping as well (which is not covered by insurance)."

Lisa Rouleau
Sunnyhill Housing Co-operative


June.2, 2014

You Hold the Key

The Issue

In the coming years, 20,759 federally-funded co op households under all federal programs, representing 51,898 low-income Canadians, are at risk of being lost. This is the most important issue facing Canada’s co‑operative housing movement.

In order to maintain our successful model of diversity and inclusiveness, we need to maintain rent-geared-to-income (RGI) subsidies for low-income Canadians living in co‑op communities across the country.
The lives of thousands of vulnerable people – including seniors, new Canadians, aboriginal people and persons with mental and physical disabilities – will be drastically harmed if action is not taken.

Time is Running Out

Less than seven years from now (by 2020), most of the existing co‑op homes currently affordable for low-income residents will become unaffordable if governments across the country do not work together to protect housing affordability.

We are already losing some of these affordable co‑op homes. Several tables on this website outline how many co‑op homes could be lost when agreements end each year.

Part of a Bigger Crisis

The problem does not only threaten co‑op households. Across Canada, there are 200,000 vulnerable households (housing approximately 500,000 Canadians) in co op, non-profit and public housing whose assistance will be cut when federal operating agreements with these housing providers end.

According to CMHC’s Main Estimates for 2013-14, there will be a $23.3 million decrease in funding as long-term operating agreements end for low-income households in social housing projects, including non-profit housing co‑ops. As operating agreements continue to end (and the annual assistance continues to decline), there will be less and less funding available for housing providers to provide affordable housing for Canadians in housing need.

Join us Wednesday, June 4 at 12:30 pm for our rally on Parliament Hill. Canada's housing Co-ops Hold the Key!

- CHF Canada


March 12, 2014

Initiative to Change the Municipal Government Act - As it Relates to Property Tax Assessments for Co-ops in Alberta

Please find SACHA’s update regarding where we're at with our attempts to make changes to the way housing co-ops are currently taxed. 

SACHA was successful in getting the provincial legislature to look into our request to change the MGA (Municipal Government Act).  At that time NACHA was not able to participate in the process, however SACHA was able to speak on their behalf.  The province did agree that the current MGA should be reviewed and had assured us that our request was top priority to them.  It has been a long time (due to changes in our government), but they have finally organized a forum to discuss changes in all capacities of the act.  SACHA sent out a notice to all co-ops advising them about the forum which is taking place on April 10, 2014 should any of the co-ops wish to attend.  SACHA will be attending this meeting on behalf of our member co-ops.  Currently SACHA and NACHA are gathering information to take forward to the province and our hope is that we can obtain as much information as possible to help us. 

 We will continue to update you.