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About Co-op Housing

What SACHA Does for Your Co-op

There are about a quarter of a million people living in housing co-ops across Canada. A housing co-op is a legal association formed for the purpose of providing homes to its members on a continuing basis. A co-op is different from other housing associations in its ownership structure and its commitment to co-operative principles. Co-op housing offers a home, not an investment.

Who lives in housing Co-ops?
Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people - people with different backgrounds and incomes and special needs. Housing co-ops provide an affordable option to main market housing.

Member Responsibilities
As a co-op member you would purchase shares in the co-op, pay a monthly housing charge, attend members' meetings and participate in running the co-op.

Member Rights
To vote on the annual budget
To elect a board of directors
To run for the board of directors yourself
To receive audited financial statements
To enjoy a sense of belonging and community

About Subsidy
Some co-ops offer subsidy to help applicable members pay their monthly housing charges. Non-profit housing co-ops receive money from the government (federal and/or provincial) to help the co-op subsidize a certain number of housing units.
The housing charge for these units is adjusted to the income of the household.
If a household qualifies for a subsidy, their housing charge is usually set at 25-30% of the household's income plus charges for utilities.