SACHA is working hard to preserve rent-geared income subsidies and create an awareness of the critical role that housing co-ops play in providing affordable housing to a diverse population of Albertans.

We, the members' of SACHA (Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association), are taking a poll, to see who wants to see the Provincial Government provide Rent-Geared-To-Income funds to Alberta housing cooperative members.

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Welcome to SACHA

The Southern Alberta Co-operative Housing Association, or SACHA, is a regional federation of housing co-operatives that is governed by a Board of Directors who live or work in member housing co-operatives. SACHA, together with the members, forms a community working toward the same goals and operating by the co-operative principles. This partnership of working together, sharing information and supporting one another ensures continuing success.

About Co-op Housing

There are about a quarter of a million people living in housing co-ops across Canada. A housing co-op is a legal association formed for the purpose of providing homes to its members on a continuing basis. A co-op is different from other housing associations in its ownership structure and its commitment to co-operative principles. Co-op housing offers a home, not an investment.

Who Lives in Housing Co-ops?

Co-op communities are made up of all kinds of people with different backgrounds and incomes and special needs. Housing co-ops provide an affordable option to main market housing. As a co-op member you would purchase shares in the co-op, pay a monthly housing charge, attend members' meetings and participate in running the co-op.

If you are looking for housing, please contact the co-operative you are interested in, click here to see the list of co-ops and their availability.

Member Rights

The rights of a co-op member include: voting on the annual budget, electing a board of directors, running for the board of directors, receiving audited financial statements, and enjoying a sense of belonging and community.

About Subsidy

Some co-ops offer subsidy to help applicable members pay their monthly housing charges. Non-profit housing co-ops receive money from the government (federal and/or provincial) to help the co-op subsidize a certain number of housing units.
The housing charge for these units is adjusted to the income of the household. If a household qualifies for a subsidy, their housing charge is usually set at 25-30% of the household's income plus charges for utilities.